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APRIL 26, 2021

Choose "Finals Week Spring 2021" from the drop-down menu to make an appointment for finals week.

Welcome to WCOnline, the scheduling system for the Wheaton College Writing Center! 

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For the spring semester, we are still only online. We continue to operate out of Central Time despite the varied locations of our clients and staff, however; please remember to schedule your appointment in Central Time so you are on the same page as your consultant! 


Prior to your scheduled appointment, watch our video and review our Quick Guide for Clients for directions on how to join your online video consultation and share your writing as a Google Doc.



Setting up an Account: 

  • Click the link to the left 
  • Register using your Wheaton College email address but not your Wheaton College password 
  • Open the registration email sent to you by the Writing Center 
  • Activate your account by clicking the confirmation link in the registration email 

Choosing a Schedule: 

  • For the spring semester, there are two schedules:  Undergraduate Schedule Spring 2021, and Graduate and ESL Schedule Spring 2021. 

Please Note: WCOnline is not included in the Wheaton IT system. If you have questions or need assistance making an appointment, please contact Martin Cluelow, ESL Writing Consultant, at 

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